Getting started again

So I almost lost my blog domain by accident and luckily that didn’t happen, so now I am back and am trying to be on top of things this time around. What I want to do is get started on a more focused approach to my blog style! I know my blog site is parenting on the cheap and I still do love all things clever cheap parenting, but I also love special needs parenting posts, military life posts, married life posts, mom on the run posts, and humor posts.

I would like to get feedback from ANYONE Out there still reading this blog on what kind of poo you would still like to read to pass your days while stuck at home. I try to be uplifting and encouraging when I can so if I can get some feedback on interesting ideas that would be awesome.

Think of me as that person sitting in front of you with your beverage of choice talking about whatever you would like to talk about, that will not correct you on commas or grammar because let’s face it I don’t care about that when it comes to my writing at all. Honestly I just want to lift spirits, spread ideas and encouragement, and maybe see a LITTLE more red bell notification signs on my icon since this covid stuff has me all sorts of lonely hahah. But seriously let’s figure this out 😉

Stay safe and please reach out if you would like to talk!!! 🙂

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