Loving From a Far!!

Right now the world is changing. All around us people are finding new ways to work, educate their children, get groceries, and communicate with loved ones. When all of the Covid-19 stuff started around the world I wasn’t sure how it would affect us here in the US but I am certain I didn’t imagine it becoming such a mental and emotional drain on my family and I as it has.

What started out as just school being cancelled for a few weeks turned into the school year being cancelled. Then my son lost his therapies for over a month and when therapies started again it was only a few hours a day. We lost respite services for months at a time which was understandable but made it hard to recharge after long days alone with the kids. While other families had both parents home during this time I was left on my own with Jordan working the Covid testing site. So instead of having more help I had less.

All of this has been pretty rough and has left me mentally, physically, and emotionally drained but it has been nothing compared to what I have felt the last three days. Months of being alone isolated and dealing with two young boys I can handle. It’s exhausting and tough sure but I’m a mother and can handle it. But the last three days my mother had a health scare 14 hours away from me leaving here in the hospital alone having to have back to back surgeries. She spent days in the hospital alone because Covid has made it impossible for even my dad to be allowed to stay with her. Being so far away from my mother and not being able to be there when she needs me most is a change in this world that I can’t handle.

I want to be able to pack up my kids and fly to my mom and dad and be there for my family whenever there is a need. The world has changed and we don’t know what the “new normal” will look like. I can handle change. I can handle cooking at home instead of going out, waiting on lines for stuff, distancing from strangers. I can’t handle not being able to safely get to my loved ones when they need me. This is something that has mentally and emotionally drained me faster in three days than all of the Covid has in months. I am thankful for technology and being able to talk to my family, but it would be much nicer to hug my momma!! ❤️❤️

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