Who am I?

My name is Patricia Lee Cisna! I am a Christian! I am a mother of two boys! I am a mother to a child with Autism! I am a wife of an active duty airman! And I am struggling!

Do you ever feel like as a mother and wife that you have completely lost your identity and who you are? How about feeling like you can move mountains to accommodate your children’s or spouse’s schedules and needs down to the very minute, however, when it comes to squeezing in something for yourself in that same schedule you just can’t make it work? Or the fact that you look in your sock drawer and see that you have thrown away just ONE holy sock so many times that you almost don’t even have anything me matching pair?

Ok seriously all jokes aside, I have been lost this year! I have had the worst days of my life, followed by the most stressful days of my life, and ending with the most fulfilling days of my life. All of this has taught me two very important things! It has taught me about FAITH and it has taught me about MY STRENGTH!

My faith has been there since as far back as I can remember, but the thin about faith is you don’t really have to see Gods power and the faith you have in him until you are at your knees BEGGING for relief. Begging for the pain and crazy in your life to go away! Begging for answers and praying for his word! But faith is what has made me hold on to all things fear in my life this year. Faith is what has kept me striving to be the best I can be and heal from my pain in order to live the life God intended for me. And because of my faith I have found my strength!

When people see you cry, or get angry a lot of times they don’t see the sheer pain behind these actions and they assume weakness. But it is the people who truly hold onto all they love in life no matter the pain or anger, that have all the true strength! Whatever you are fighting for in life just believe that your faith and strength can get you through all of it.

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