How to rebuild after disappearing for 6 months

So you have fallen down. Life has thrown EVERYTHING possible at you and you have handled it the best you can but in the process you have alienated everyone you know. You have neglected your friends, family, and social media accounts in attempt to heal from life. And now you are trying to move forward and rebuild the relationships you once had. So how do you do this when it’s been weeks, months or maybe even years since you have reached out to anyone?

Well I can tell you from experience that it is possible to reconnect and rebuild the life you once had. I am coming off of almost 6 months of being MIA from friends and family and am finding away to rebuild my life. This year has been by far the toughest year of my over 30 yearS of life and I have spent months isolating myself from everyone thinking it would help me heal faster. I now know that I didn’t make the right choices in doing this because it has only made things harder in my life. By trying to manage all my pain and frustration alone I have made it harder to heal and process. I am finally at a point where I realize I’m NOT alone and that I do have people who love me and want me in their lives.

So how did I get here? How did I choose to start over and bring people back into my life? Well it started with a text. All it took was one text to a friend to meet up for ONE hour and just hangout! After that one hour I was feeling somewhat in a very small way, myself again. And from there I ran with it, or sort of walked fast with it. I decided after that hour that I needed and wanted people back in my life. So I sent another text, and then a phone call, and even a Facebook message. And even though I am still currently sitting on my couch binge watching reruns of the Vampire Diaries, I am feeling confident and strong.

After months of putting myself in a bubble and not seeing or talking to anyone, I am finally feeling like a small piece of this amazing world again! So whether I know you personally or I only know you from my page, I want you to know that you are NOT alone! You are loved! And if you need anything I am here! I am back and will be stronger and happier then ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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