Toys for the win

Christmas is over and of course the boys were spoiled nicely from family and friends. This year the toys that really were a hit were from the company Fat Brain Toys.

A couple months before Christmas their catalog arrived at my house and I started looking through it for toy ideas. I found a bunch that I loved for the kids and as family asked for gift ideas I pointed them towards these toys.

For Jase I picked the wooden Ice cream set since he is obsessed with fake licking the cones. I wasn’t sure what to expect for quality but when my grandma sent them I was overly impressed! It came in a cute little carrying box (which he loves to empty and hide random stuff in) and there was 25 pieces total. The quality of the wood and paint is amazing. The boys can be rough on toys and nothin has chipped or broken. We have have tons of fun serving ice cream and naming colors with this set.

For Brodyn my first pick was the giant silicone suction spinners. When these arrived and we opened them I placed them at the breakfast counter while I was trying to get him to stay seated and eat. It did the trick and he played with them the whole time until he finished eating. We plan to use these only for this purpose so he will want to sit and eat. They come in a set of three and are great quality.

We also picked out Squigs because the boys love building and have so many different building materials that this would be fun and new. They do have some smaller pieces so if you are worried about mouthing or chocking I would remove these ones from the container for later. They suction to each other as well as surfaces. In our therapy room we mounted some dollar store pizza pans to the walls for magnetically and these suction to them nicely.

Finally we ordered some fidget type toys. One is a keychain that we can carry around with us to appts and car rides and the other is bigger but is purse size to allow carrying it around. It’s almost like popping bubble wrap but is endless since the buttons just pop to the other side. Not only do my boys love them but my husband and myself find them entertaining as well.

Fat Brain Toys can be purchased from their site or Amazon and regularly go on sale. We have added a bunch more to our wish lists and plan to get them in the future. If you use ebates you can also get cash back on purchases. This company has toys for all ages and them are educational and sensory. It’s nice to find products that are affordable even with the sensory label on them.

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