Mommy makeup

Let’s talk makeup, specifically MOMMY MAKEUP. You know what I’m talking about if your a mommy with her hands full right?

Either you are so into the latest and best makeup that you spend your time after the kids go to bed watching (and maybe filming) how to videos. Or you are like me and you love what makeup does for you but you go for the quickest and most affordable process possible!

I love makeup! I actually went to school while in Germany to do professional makeup. I learned how to airbrush and put on eyelash extensions. But after al the schooling was done I was welcomed with and infant instead of a new found career. Lol

But here is what I have learned since becoming a mom when it comes to makeup…..

BB cream is one of your best friends! A good lightweight coverage that can hide some eye baggage but not make you look dumb if you don’t do your whole face, is an amazing tool to not look like the walking dead. Also if all else fails MASCARA!!! I mean it do not leave home without it because a good mascara can make people focus on your eyes instead of the heavy black moon shapes underneath that tell everyone you haven’t slept in decades.

Also while it is nice to buy those $50+ pallets of eyeshadow, if you are a mom buying diapers and can only afford the. BOGO 50% off sale at Ulta do that. I mean after all having flaky eyeshadow is far less worrisome then having a baby shitting all over his clothes because you are cheating on diapers.

My main goal in my daily makeup routine is to try and put on a face while standing at my kitchen island with coffee in my one hand and a child pulling at my leg. I mean many times have I left the house with eyeliner steamed because one of my children has pulled me while applying, but if we are being honest it will only draw the attention away from my hot mess hair style.

So I guess what I’m saying here is I have PLENTY of tips for cheap but GOOD QUALITY makeup application. Now what I mean by this is, is if you want to look like a mom who has slept for 6+ hours when really you only slept 2+ hours then get at me and I will tell you my tricks.

If you watched my daily makeup routine and compared it to one of the MANY makeup videos you would be like umm that’s not right! Lol You would probably notice how my blending technique is more about time and less about proper procedure. You would also notice how I use brushes that may or may not be the intended use.

But if I must say so I end up with the same (if not good enough) results as some of those makeup practicing pros! I am not in any way bashing on what they do I’m just saying I have found a comfortable and affordable way to get the same results as a momma of two young boys who need so much in the mornings! Haha

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