You do what you have to do.

So here it is October and the big holidays of the year are coming up. So we all know that means tons of money to be spent on food, gifts, activities, and maybe even travel. As parents we want to give our kids what they want and need but sometimes it can be hard to budget everything in with all of the day to day expenses. We are planning a family vacation for July of next year and because of our families needs it will be a very costly trip. We have never done a big trip as a family so we are very excited about it and want to make sure we have enough money saved up to allow us freedom to enjoy our first trip.

The last thing you want when you finally do get a vacation is to have to pinch pennies while you are on it. So we always plan way ahead and save so we can have a nice travel fund. So what happens when life happens? Well we recently we to the dentist to get both boys cleaned as well as check on a tooth that Jase has hit months ago while jumping on the trampoline. And while there we were told we need to pull Jase’s tooth and if we want we can put a fake tooth there for the next 4 years or so. Of course him only being two we want the replacement tooth because it’s his front tooth and we don’t want him toothless for years lol. So this whole thing is going to cost us $1300 out of pocket AFTER insurance.

Now most people would probably freak out at the words of that kind of money, and although we were not happy to hear we would have to spend our money on an accident like that, we were thankful we wouldn’t have to open a credit card or take out a loan to provide for our child. So how can we pay in full for such costly procedures like this even though we just spent more than $1300 a couple months ago on my dentist trip?

Well it’s easy. We do what we have to do to provide all of our kids needs. Jordan and I love our lives NOT keeping up with the Jones! We always have lived this way even before kids. We don’t need the newest products or the “coolest cars.” We live life comfortable while still having money set aside for things like this. We also make sure to have some side hustles going on so we can bring in extra money.

We were taught growing up that now job is beneath us and that you do what you have to do. I remember as a kid when money was tight one year for Christmas my dad painted a neighborhood ladies whole house for a little extra money and two pairs of rollerblades because that’s what my sister and I wanted for Christmas that year. My dad worked full time and then came home and worked more until it was done to provide for us.

And that is what I want to teach my kids. I want them to have pride in what they do even if it’s flipping burgers because it means you are providing. I try to use what little spare time I have to make, build, sew, or paint items that I can sell to make some extra spending money and it has always been a good thing for our family. So I suggest when times get tough or you need some more finds, find your skills that you can use to make money.

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