My Finished Project

A month or so ago I wrote a post about how to make a travel map for less then $5 or so, and now I have finally finished putting together our travel wall as well as making a growth chart for our boys.

For both projects I spent less than $45 total. I made the travel map for $1 with supplies I already had and a dollar store decal. The two picture displays I was able to pick up on amazon on a lightening deal and only paid $20 for both.

The great thing about these pictures displays is that you can buy them cheap and they come with all the cute clips. I also really wanted these because I get 100 4×6 pictures sent to me every month in a book so I can keep my phone clutter free, but I never do anything with the photos. And with these displays it’s easy to keep up to date photos displayed because it’s super easy to change the photos. Also I have seen displays kind of like this but they are plastic clips attached to strings of LEd lights so that is a cute option too I just found these cheaper.

I then picked up the decal at hobby lobby on clearance for only $5 which was a great deal. And the last purchase I made was the ruler which was also hobby lobby and I paid around $14 for it and then just put some color on it. I also brought out my cricuit to make the scripture on the wall with vinyl I have had for years.

All and all I am happy with both projects. I love that I can now track my kids growth throughout the years. (Well maybe only part of the years with the height of this ruler but we have plenty of time) I also love that we can map out where we travel as a family. Little visual reminders like this are always great 🙂

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