Scoring at the dollar spot

Yesterday I went to target just to get out of the house. What started as a just because trip turned into a gold mine. The dollar spot was 70% yes 70% off making items .30, .90, or 1.50. I was able to score so many amazing things for the boys and education. I am going to post a few quick blurbs about each one with some pictures. And I suggest you run down to your target fast and see if you have the sale as well.

First we have these handy felt maps and schedules. These are awesome and we’re only $1.50 each. These are a great way to get the kids included in learning because they get to match things up and change them. Allowing for more independence as well as learning from. We bought the ABC one months ago and I am excited to add these to the wall.

Here we have a color crayon banner with chalk board on the different colors so you can write on them. Obviously this is great for cute decor as well as for leaning colors. The other item is twine with colored clothespins attached so you can hang them and then use the pins to hang pictures or artwork. I love this because you can display artwork and then when new art comes home from school you can easily change it out.

Love this very nicely made wooden clock. I love the fact that I can hang it on my wall for the kids to use as well as the fact that it’s chalkboard. This way the kids can learn to write the numbers AND learn to tell time.

The top ones are balance wooden games that can be used to learn to identify the fruits and the pastries which helps with communication. Then we have a puzzle that can help with learning colors, fine motor skills, and counting. It really can help with so many areas.

Lastly, and probably my favorite find at .30 a piece, we have dry erase flash cards. The abc ones work on tracing and identifying the abcs. Then there is money cards, time telling cards, and addition. Of course some of these are too old for my boys right now but at .30 I’ll save them for later.

I also was able to get some really cute things for future teacher gifts and after my 3 bags full of stuff I only paid $17.86. I love keeping my eyes out for deals on educational things and this was a huge score!

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