Lessons learned

I would like to think in my life that I have learned a lot. Obviously I am no where near learning and actually enjoy learning everything about anything. I have been told I am like a sponge because I like to absorb all things I can lol. But at 30 years young I have learned that whether I go out and get stupid drunk or just go to a late night concert with some mom friends, both leave me feeling like death the next day. Or in this case two days.

I jumped WAY out of my comfort zone this past weekend and went to a Luke Bryan concert with my amazing friend who asked me to go. It’s funny when you are on your almost 2 hour drive to the concert and your friend confessed that she did NOT think you would say yes so basically she asked because she knew I would like that she asked me even if I said no. But the funny thing is as she was telling me she pretty much pitty asked me to go I looked at her and said I was so happy she asked even if she thought I’d say no because she extended the offer. To me what does it just to ask even if they say no because you made them feel included. Well joke was on her because when she did ask I was out with family and had two drinks so I was a little more loose than I normally would have been so I said that I would go.

So fast forward to the next day and we leave the house at around 2pm and didn’t get home until around 2:30am. Now if you know me you know I barely stay up until 9:30 pm because my boys wake up well before 6am so I like to get sleep where I can. However, on this night I went to bed around 3am and woke around 8am and spent the day feeling so exhausted my eyes were burning it of my head.

Even the next day on Monday I was still feeling tired but drank an extra pink drink and finally woke up. The concert with my friend was an experience to say the least but everything in life can be a challenge good or bad and I am so happy I was able to go with my amazing friend to this.

But I would say that if you are old like me and you get no sleep you might as well stay up the whole night and start over the next. Because either way you will feel like a car wreck hahah

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