Tribute tattoo and my experience

So I’m not sure what the focus of this blog post will be I’ll be honest from the start with that, but non the less her we go.

A couple years ago I I started thinking about the idea of getting a tattoo that would support my son and draw attention to Autism Awareness. I looked around for a couple years until I decided on the tattoo I would have for the REST of my life.

I decided on this dandelion that I would remove the lines and birds and have the artist turn the wishes into morphing puzzle pieces. When I went into the appointment the artists assured me he could EASILY do this for me so we booked a date and time. Days before my appt I started having bad dreams that the tattoo wouldn’t tune out good but I ignored them. I mean after all he told me is would be easy and not to worry.

So what did I end up with you ask?

Yep you can see it correctly. That is a robotic looking, smiling laughing at me, fake looking dandelion at best. I paid the guy and went home and cried. I am not someone to make a big scene until I can gather my true feelings and figure out how I’ll handle the situation. (Don’t worry if you are explosive and implosive it took me years to get to this point in my life)

So after I slept on it for a day I emailed the tattoo shop explains everything and waited for a reply. I then received an email from the receptionist saying that she would help get me to the right person to help me. We talked back and forth all day until she suggested an artist named Ivy at their downtown location in Colorado Springs (by the way the tattoo shop is called Pens and Needles and both are locally owned by an Army Veteran which is why I picked this place) so Ivy and I talked back and forth for a few days and eventually set up a consult where I felt like she cared! You didn’t see me as another payout she actually cared that I was upset and she did everything to make it better.

We set up an appt for two weeks later that would end up being over 6 hours of work. I came into her room excited to fix what was making me so upset about my tattoo. While at the consult we decided to go bigger to make it better. She fixed the hardest part which was making the fake looking wishes REAL, as well as added more puzzle pieces and some very very kick ass watercolor. Like actual water color which I loved! She finished and I was so happy, like here is something I can be proud of and be happy to show my support of my son with this tattoo.

If you are local to the Springs and want a tattoo or maybe have one you hate and want to cover it up, you have NOTHIN to lose and only happiness to gain by going to see Ivy. She is a fantastic artist who cares about her clients. And the experience with Pens and Needles owner and staff is beyond real. They took care of me and fixed my tattoo is such a professional and we care kind of way. I will go back every time I want something because they are so amazing!

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