Cell phones……and the new age

Unlike most kids these days I got my first ever cellphone when I was 16 almost 17. I remember back when I was in school no one really had cellphones until maybe junior year in high school. For one there wasn’t the smart phone aspect of phones (you were lucky to have a camera phone which made you pretty cool) and for two we didn’t really care to have phones because then our parents could check in on us. However, like most decisions made when you are a teenage girl, I begged my parents for a cell phone when my boyfriend at the time said he was moving an hour away.

I remember taking basically a presentation to my parents of all the numbers. I showed them how I had help my job at Albertsons for almost two years at the time as well as how much money I made. I then showed them how much a phone would cost every month and the cost of my car insurance and promised I would never miss a bill. They agreed and we went to Sprint and signed me up to get a phone. Back then it was easy and cheap! You went in and signed a two year contract and they said here are the phones you can pick for free or here are the ones you can buy. I always went with free and thus began my 14 years of Sprint service.

When my husband and I got together I added him to my phone plan and then when we moved to Europe for 4 years we put our phones on hold and when we returned EVERYTHING was different. We arrived in the US with our 5 year old phones looking to upgrade to whatever was free with a new contract and make sure it had 4G service. Boy ere we shocked when we learned 1. There were no more contracts 2. 4G was replaced by LTE for best service and 3. There were no more FREE phones.

Imagine coming back to your country only to find out so much has changed that you seem foreign when asking people for things that haven’t been around for years. So now that we knew we had to BUY two phones (as well as a washer and dryer, couch, and much more) we decided to get my iPhone for free through our credit card points to save money and then lease my husbands phone.

When we went to set them all up it made our monthly bill more than it ever was in the 13 years prior. And it seemed that every bill we received kept being higher with taxes and fees. So I set out to find better and save us money when a friend said T-mobile had a great FLAT rate military plan I thought it was too good to be true. I also pride myself in being very loyal in my life with everything. If you treat me good I will always come back whether that’s hair salons, tattoos, cellphone bills, cars insurance ect. But after 14 years with Sprint we were paying $150 for only two phones one of which we owned.

So yesterday I finally broke down and went to t-mobile to check it out and see if it was real. It took about 25 mins and one phone call to sprint to pay off my husbands phone as well as u lock it. I couldn’t believe that after 14 years all we had to do was make a quick phone call and then T-mobile did the rest to cut my ties with Sprint. We now OWN both of our IPhones and we went from a bill of $150 a month to a bill that has a flat rate of $80 a month. So far a great experience with T-mobile and of course I will keep y’all updated in a couple months to see if I still like that I cut off Sprint after 14 years.

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