The Family that Travels Together Stays Together

After spending 4 years in Europe we have been back for about a year now and finally have a steady routine for ourselves. Europe was amazing! We were able to travel all over 10 different countries and experience the different cultures to the fullest. But since being back in the great United States we have yet to do much but a trip to Louisiana.

But now we are ready to take on the whole county and show our boys how amazing this great country of ours is. Although Jordan and I have traveled all over the US we wanted to start a family nap to mark where we all have traveled together.

I loved the idea of those scratch off maps but when it came down to looking and looking I just decided to work with what I had so that I could spend a little money on other things to go on our travel wall. While at the dollar store I found a very cute US wall decal sticker for of course only $1 so I decided to start with that.

Although it’s meant for the wall I wanted to be able to move the decal from house to house so we could put pins in where we have been. I found a scrap piece of wood that was good enough size (yes Alaska and Hawaii aren’t exactly correct lol) I’m the garage and then set out to find something to make it a little cuter.

For supplies I have

•US wall decal $1

• Scrap wood already paid for

• White paint

• Wood glue

• Rustic wood panels I found for $1.50 on clearance

• Tape to hold on place after gluing

• Mod Podge

Also on the travel wall I bought a discounted wall decal set from Hobby Lobby for $8 and a picture “frame” from Amazon for $10.

So all I did was sand down the board and put a rustic white coat on it. From there I cut the pieces of white wood to go around the edges and glued them on while taping them in place over night. Once it was all in place I attached the decal and put a layer of Mod Podge over to seal it all in. I made a little road trip sign on my Cricut and it’s all done.

Once the picture keeper comes in I will be assembling my wall and will post more pictures. But I just wanted to do a quick post about using what you have to make one of a kind things. If you say you aren’t crafty you are wrong. Just start somewhere whether it’s making stuff, sewing, or even painting you can find things under a dollar at craft stores all day long. Once you get a good stock pile of random things just start experimenting with what you can make.

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