Dentists or salesman??

So I’m literally sitting here in the dentist chair waiting for some machine to mold me a new tooth…..

I came in today to get a teeth cleaning and am orthodontist consult for braces because the last dentist I had said I needed them to help with my nonstop teeth grinding. Well I came in and got my X-rays and ended up being told I need to crowns because my fillings from when I was a kiddo have chipped away allowing another cavity to build up under the filling.

Is it just me or does anyone else hate the “insurance” policy as far as dental is concerned? I mean this lady is telling me how great my insurance is because of how much they cover and then she tells me because of that it will only cost me $1362. When she said ONLY I was not thinking over a grand for two teeth. Then I continued to say well I guess I have to do it so my face doesn’t fall off(because that was basically the worst case that the dentist was telling me as he sold me on it.)

He told me that total time would only be two hours or less! Two hours and I’m paying $1362 and my insurance is being billed for double that! I really should have gone to school to be a dentist if in two hours you can make that kind of money.

So here I am face half numb and drooping to all hell and I’m thinking to myself that I go to the dentist regularly but since being back from Germany two different dentists have told me that I need to spend thousands on my teeth. They always follow up what they are saying by telling me my teeth are awesome and I have great guns. Oh really I have great teeth and gums but you need me to spend thousands for problem areas.

I wonder to myself if sometimes they are just telling you that you need all these things to up sell their work. As I’m writing that sentence I can hear the same dentist trying to sell the person in the next room on night guards for $350. Same thing they said I need after these crowns. So now a days does everyone just come in for a cleaning and leave with a giant bill lol?

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