It must be a scam…..

When I met my friend over a year ago it was amazing how much we had in common. Our love of God and our families bonded us right away as well as having a very good mutual friend. But it was crazy the health issues we had in common, bad thyroids, migraines, fatigue, and anxiety/stress. I remember telling her how many medications I was in to help with all these different medical problems. And while I was listing them I couldn’t help but think of the scene in Grandma’s Boy where the lady pulls out her tackle box and starts making a smiley face on a plate out of her morning pills.My girlfriend on the other hand wasn’t on any medications for her problems because she was able to control hers with her Plexus supplements (even her Lupus.) so I went home for a hot minute and looked up Plexus. I started IMMEDIATELY seeing testimonials from so many people with what Plexus had helped them with. I saw infertility, anxiety, depression, weight loss, migraines, gout, thyroid, Lupus, fibromyalgia, the list keeps going. So of course being that it was something I would have to buy from a friend or sign up I figured this must be a scam. I mean common you are trying to tell me that one set of products can fixed all of these seemingly different medical conditions? I didn’t by into it a year ago and I can honestly say I wish I would have back then. I wish I would have tried it instead of spending the next year miserable with doctors, medication increases, surgery, and time spent away from my kids. After I had finally reached rock bottom and was so miserable I took the plunge and started taking the supplements after my friend told me about them again. And although at first my body was detoxing and I was having dry mouth really bad I soon started to see the benefits of taking Plexus. I started to get OFF prescription medication. I started to have more energy, weight loss, no migraines, my thyroid numbers were finally stable even when they weren’t with prescription drugs. The list can go on and on for the benefits I have seen from these supplements.And after being on them for months and deciding to stay on them I soon decided to share my story and hopefully reach out to as many people as I could about these products. That’s when I really decided to dive in and educate myself WHY these products were helping me so much. And the easiest answer is GUT HEALTH. The reason Plexus can help with such a wide range of medical problems is because of your gut health and how it fixes it. When your gut health is at its best your body runs so smoothly. So many things relate to our gut health and with the bad things we out in our bodies, and with the day to day stress it’s no wonder so many of us are experiencing such problems.You can never be too healthy! You can never be too sick! Everyone can benefit from these products and everyone CAN feel better. Isn’t it time you start feeling better? a look and let me know what questions you have

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