Manolo Blahnik’s and a Career vs. Mom shoes and Staying at Home….

I was not prepared to be the person and mother I am today! At one point in my life (a big point) I was determined to live in a huge city preferably New York and have shoes lots of shoes.(Manolo Blahnik shoes preferably) I’ve always been great with numbers and loved being the boss so I thought something in corporate or accounting. But life is funny that way right? I never even wanted kids back then. My sister had her first son when she was young and I was only 16 and he quickly became like my child too. So I figured why have my own when I can share hers and she does all the hard parts?But then I met my husband Jordan and quickly changed everything I thought. I went from wanting this high paced life and career to only wanting the love of this man and eventually kids. And then we got pregnant with Brodyn! The day I became a mother was the happiest day of my life but I had no idea what was in store for me. When you become pregnant you start talking about all the do’s and don’t things that you will do or won’t. Jordan and I were raised pretty similar so we had pretty much the same views on raising our kids. But none of that mattered really once we received the diagnosis of Autism.By that time I had a just turned 2 year old and a 9 month old and my world was rocked. My personality pushes me to learn EVERYTHING about things in my life. From the very early ages of my life I was the kid that needed to know everything. I remember asking my grandpa questions every few minutes about what he was doing and eventually he would get annoyed and say he was baking a cake to get me to stop asking. But with Autism and all the unknown I was staring down a rabbit hole and didn’t know what to do.Fast forward a year and 8 months since receiving Brodyn’s diagnoses and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in being a mom for my boys. My husband and I had to change all the things we thought we would do as parents and learn what we SHOULD be doin as parents to OUR boys. Now when people ask me what I do or if I work I just respond with I’m a SAHM with two amazing boys. I don’t say that I’m waiting for the boys to go to school so I can go back to working because that probably will not be the case. But I don’t ever feel that I’m not doing the job God had planned for me all along. Every week I hear from therapists, teachers, and other parents that I should consider a career in therapy or teaching other parents of special needs children. And it makes my heart full to know that all of these outside people see the HARD work I put into my children. And although I never plan to do any of this outside of my home with my children, it is amazing to hear what people think of me and I’m always willing to help others. I have become a thera-mom! A mom who spends most of her free time researching therapy activities, lessons, toys, education, diets the list could go on forever. But because of who I am naturally it has allowed me to dive 110% into my role as a thera-mom and learn everything I can for my boys. I have to parent the two of them as two different moms because they both respond differently to different things. And I have God to thank for all of this. He is the one who laid out my future. He is the one who made me in his image which allows me to stay strong and keep succeeding for my family. And most importantly he is the one who blessed me beyond words with two amazing boys! So no matter what the future holds. Whether I stay at home forever or get a fancy career someday. I am happy knowing I am right where God wanted me all along.

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