This one is for family ;)

Brodyn and Jase in a loving brother kiss. What followed this picture you might ask? Well I’m sure you can figure out that the sweet picture (although not staged at all seriously) ended with Brodyn pushing Jase away and Jase laughing at his brother.

These kinds of pictures show me just how far we have come with the boys. I remember the first picture we tried to take of the boys next to each other when we were still living in Germany and had no idea of Brodyn’s Autism.

This was the picture I’m referring to. Ya we had more pictures before this one but most were more of me holding Jase or Brodyn standing near him. Our thoughts were to not force Brodyn to touch or even look at Jase so that he didn’t grow a dislike for his brother. I heard too many stories about people wanting to force their kiddos on each other and it backfiring and kids hurting each other. (Ya this is how my parents were thanks mom and dad for letting Jessica bite my forehead that one time 30 years ago lol) Our boys are 15 months apart so that means poor little Brodyn’s world was destroyed at 16 months in his eyes.

I think this picture right here shows what he thought about his brother when I left him for the FIRST time ever in his life to go have a baby and came home with Jase. For those of you who were able to see me as a mother of one you know how much it was more like Brodyn was my third leg than my son. If he was sitting it was on me, drinking a bottle on me, out in public… yep you guessed it he was on me. So to bring home a baby so early was very rough for him. He used to scream if he was on the floor getting his diaper changed and his brother crawled over by him. Like the thought of Jase touching him was the worst thing ever.

But as I look at the top picture I am filled with joy and love. Brodyn and Jase might not have the typical brother relationship but what they have is God given and truly earned on their time. We have allowed them space when they needed, showed them how to interact when they didn’t know how to, and always enforced respect for one another and their ways. And it has paid off so much! Thank you to the good Lord above for all he has blessed me with.

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