Target Dollar Spot and Education

It’s no secret that like most girls I LOVE Target! I mean love to the extent of choosing to go walk around Target on my me time instead of getting my nails done. I think a main reason I love Target is how often the Dollar Spot products change. I love to pop in when I’m by the Target just to check it out and see what’s new.

Now I don’t go shopping at target unless it’s for a couple things when I’m already there, or if there is some really good deals with the Cartwheel app. But to say I write a grocery list and then go to target would be far from the truth. We all know that there are more affordable places to shop as far as groceries go.

But between the dollar store and the dollar spot I am pretty well covered when I shop for sensory items, (goos, gaks, putty, light ups, ect) fidget toys, preschool books and games, and even cute organizing containers. Today we stopped in Target just to return something and I was able to score two pairs of American flag sunglasses for the boys, two light up balls, and two packs of cardboard matching cards all for $6. The puzzle cards are awesome because they are just two pieces a set and your child has to match them together. It will help with identifying shapes and words, as well as the fine motor skills to actually connect the puzzle pieces together.

I often buy things years ahead of time for the boys when it comes to the dollar spot. That may sound silly but with Autism you never know what overnight thing your child will learn to do so to be prepared is important. Although Brodyn doesn’t talk yet he is very good at matching, however, he tends to bend and snap cards so these will be something I will hang onto in order to use them later. I know people are wondering about storage and space, but really it isn’t like I am buying huge items to save for later. I buy things like travel play books, flash cards, puzzles, and activity pages and store everything he is too young for in a set of clear drawers.

Even if your kid is old enough to play these things I always suggest to friends to buy a bunch of stuff in the dollar range and keep a small or large tote of these things for days when your kid can’t go outside. Or for days your kiddo is sick and might find comfort in a new toy or a new book. Having these small educational things tucked away can really save you in mommy life. It allows you to have something to entertain your kiddo without being expensive.

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