Dollar Store Organizing

Organizing is a passion of mine. I love to have everything in its place and have order in the house. And there is no store better for organizing than the dollar store. Well let’s just say that there is stores out there that I would love to shop at but their prices are far far more expensive.

So I like to go to the dollar store a few times a month to get supplies for organizing. I don’t know if you are aware but the dollar stores change what they carry all the time so making multiple visits can help get you the things you need. But not everything in the pictures I’ll be posting is from the dollar store, I also utilize Amazon prime and it’s daily deals for longer lasting containers for food as well as target dollar spot.

Here is our kitchen pantry where I bought a cart off Amazon for $12 to store our fruits and vegetables and save space on my counters. I also bought rolls of padded liner at the dollar store to line our wire shelves and allow for more storage without things falling through. The clear containers with food in them were also bought on amazon with a lightening deal which made a total of $40 for all of them.(plus more in another area) All the other bins and stacking buckets are from the dollar store as well as the chalkboard labels. And just a quick trick the chip clips hanging from the shelves are actually clips from kids hangers when we bought clothes. We tried clothes pins as well as actual chip clips and they always broke, but then we tried these and they are free and stronger than chip clips.

This is just my baking supplies which is now really important with having to make so much from scratch. We have the rest of the containers from the set here with dollar store labels. The ceramic containers were again purchased on amazon (are you seeing a pattern yet lol) for around $18 for all of them.

This is our linen closet which may not look picture perfect but it is way better than everything falling out. The fan is oddly enough my parents that they bought the first time they stayed with us because they need the noise to sleep. And we just take it apart and store it here until they come visit. But we have 4 beds in this house with different sized bedding and it’s nice to have them in their own spot and labeled. That way I’m not digging through a pile trying to find things to change bedding. All of these were bought at the dollar store and they are great quality.

This right here is our over flow storage/pantry. This is the area I still want to change a lot of but I’m working on it slowly. When I said the dollar store is always changing products I meant it and plan to keep going back until I find the right stuff. We spend a ton of money on our boys and their needs so in order to afford those things we can’t just go out and buy whatever we want just to make things look nice. I know there are plenty of can storage products out there but for now I wrapped dollar store drawer liner to empty soda cases with labels to store some of the cans. I need a lot more of them but we don’t drink soda so it’s been rough lol

Things take time but they don’t have to take a ton of money. I have so many more things in my house that are done on the cheap but I just wanted to show a few ideas.

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