Hail Mary Life Passes

In life there are always those things we want that we are willing to do just about anything to get. It might be we really want to lose weight and are willing to try everything out there no matter how insane it sounds. I mean think about the endless about of fad diets there are out there these days, like drinking a cayenne pepper mixture to help lose weight. Although somethings we do might seem foolish to others, it’s important that in our own lives we feel like we have tried everything to reach our goals.

In our house our goals for the last almost 3 years has been to get our sons talking. With Jase he was late at talking but now just pass two years old and he is talking so much. Brodyn is going on four and is still not talking. I can’t tell you how many times we have heard people say “oh just wait once he starts talking you will want him to shut up.” And to those people, although I want to slap them for being ignorant, I say there is literally NO way I will ever want my kids to shut up. Does that mean they won’t get on my nerves? No! It absolutely doesn’t but when you have wished for something as hard as we have there is no way you could regret it or become bothered by it. All I want is to hear my sons thoughts. I want to know when he is hurt or what he wants to do for the day. And to my husband and I this is where we will try anything to help him.

With Autism there is and endless about of ideas of what will help your child sleep, eat, talk, ect. Some are super crazy in my opinion but I must admit even some of those we have tried. When we first had Autism on our radar I immediately started researching “cures.” I know enough now to know there isn’t one, but there is plenty that can help with your child’s symptoms. We have tried so many things for Brodyn and each time I remember feeling like this was it, this was the difference that was going to get our son talking. And each time it didn’t work I felt the intense amount of failure.

But no matter what I will always keep trying. Insert the Autism Diet. We decided a couple months back to try the diet even though when we first found out and we were researching things that could help, the diet was the one thing my husband and I said we would never want to do. Fast forward two years and here we are trying the diet after so many other things didn’t help him with his breakthrough. But unlike other families we have decided to ALL go on the Gluten free Dairy free diet so that we can be united as a family.

We are going on day 3 of the diet and although it has been rocky, I still hold high hopes for it. I am praying that the months of planning, researching, shopping and cooking will be worth it. I praying that taking away the foods I know my son eats and loves will be worth the tears I cry when I think about it. That being on this diet in combination of his summer therapy schedule will help him develop speech. And I’m praying that God gives me the strength to continue on it no matter how hard it gets so that as a family we can give Brodyn a real chance.♥️♥️♥️

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