The meaning behind TRUE giving

Giving, good deed, spread kindness…..all of these and more are ways people express the action of paying it forward and doing acts of kindness. However, I feel most people have gotten off track with the true meaning of giving. I hear all the time about people doing a nice thing for a friend or neighbor and then being upset because they didn’t get anything in return or a thank you. Although I believe in gratitude and appreciation who is falling short in this situation?

In my opinion the person who is receiving kindness but does not say thank you or return the act is wrong but the one who is most wrong is the person EXPECTING the thank you or returned favor. God teaches us to give truly from our hearts and not do so for the thank you. To truly give to someone means that you are doing it because it is right. When you give you are doing so to honor God and all he has done for you and you realize that is your duty to spread the blessings you have received.

I am truly honored to have made friends at my new base that have this mindset. My friends here and my family near and far made it possible for my husband and I to do multiple fundraisers to spread Autism Awareness as well as raise money to donate to Autism families in our local community. I live the Autism life with my son everyday and I am blessed by God that my husband has a job to take care of his insurance needs, and that although we will never be rich by any means, we do have enough to allow myself to stay home and be our sons full time care giver. But there are so many families I know of that can’t provide this same life for their children and it breaks my heart.

And that is why we decided to dedicate our time and resources in this fundraiser. We had people who sell things donate products for a raffle basket. We had people donate all sorts of stuff for a yard sale, and we also had family members all over who donated cash to add to our funds.

I know that making this post might seem like a pat on my own back and 5thus contradicting what I said in the beginning, but this isn’t for me. This is for ALL the people who baked, bought, and donated for our fundraiser. All the people who don’t even really know my family but we’re more than happy to contribute to this cause. I can never thank you all enough and am blessed to have you in my life, even if it’s just on Facebook.

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