Pulling pants off…..

Ok don’t start thinking this is some sexy post and the headline was just the beginning. It has to do with our weekend and new learned skills for Brodyn. You see this summer we are focusing on self care routines that are age appropriate as well as receptive language. (Of course if speech comes from this this we will be over the moon.)

So we have been working on things like making the boys get into their own car seats, (which takes about an hour so we plan ahead) helping put on shoes and socks, hand over hand tooth brushing, pulling on shirts, and yes pulling on our own shorts and pants. I know to many this all seems pretty silly with a 3 and 2 year old, but these are the things parents typically don’t think about when teaching their kids things that they need to learn. But with Brodyn these little steps forward are actually huge leaps.

And so begins our weekend…..

Since Brodyn has caught on (almost over night I might add) to pulling up his pants after diaper changes, he has decided that bottoms are a thing of the last and are no longer needed. Friday he started taking pulling them down and up over and was pretty much all day and would start out if no where. I first saw him from my side view and thought he was doing squats or something because I just saw this up down up down movement. And when I looked I realized he was doing it with his shorts. I was so overly happy to see this so of course I just praised him for a job well done.

But like all new things that kids learn it progressed to taking his pants off completely. I was walking by the play room when I saw Brodyn in just a T-shirt playing with his new bugs. I started laughing so hard and told Jordan to come in there and check it out. We laughed and then put his shorts back on. But that didn’t last he spent the weekend randomly appearing half naked and loving it.

Now it’s the start of a new week and I’m wondering when it will progress to full nakedness in public. Happy he is learning new things and just rolling with the punches for sure.

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