Marriage and Autism

I know what you are thinking! You are thinking I’m going to write about how hard it is to maintain a healthy marriage and parent children with special needs. And although it can be extremely hard to manage everything in a household with special needs. I personally believe that special needs parenting can bring two people closer.

Let me start by saying that I am not saying one way or another that special needs parenting is going to make things last or won’t. But here is my two cents….

I am busy Monday through Friday with nonstop running around and parenting tasks. Not to mention the groceries, laundry, yard work, and household cleaning, oh and the can you make something for the potluck tomorrow( at 9pm) But my husband is busy too. Busy working and providing for the family. Busy serving his country and trying to make sure his career stays on the right path so that our family can have insurance and our son can have all the therapies he needs.

When two people are as stressed out as we are it can be easy to take our frustrations out on each other. But instead we do our very best to work on our marriage everyday. We take the time to lean into each other for support instead of turning on each other. My husband and I have always had a close relationship but with the added worry of parenting and Autism it has made up even closer.

And although it’s SUPER hard when my husband wants to do things after work like play sports or go to a going away I try my best to understand that he needs that time. We both do! We need time to do things for ourselves to breathe and adult for awhile.

So when you read all the negative things about Autism and marriage just know that it’s not all true. Life is about the cards you are dealt and how you deal with them. So make it a winner.

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