Summer break…..ya I don’t think so

Summer break is amazing! As a kid you look forward to the break from getting up early and from schoolwork. But as an adult there is no more summer break, no matter what you still have to adult and take care of your family and yourself.

Brodyn has a very busy life. As a child with Autism he spends his days waking up super early around 5-5:30 am (don’t worry this is his doing not us waking him up lol) and then he has to get ready for school for a few hours. After school we literally rush home get out of school clothes, eat lunch, out brother down for nap and by then therapy is here at 11:30 am. He then has therapies until about 5:30 pm most nights.

When summer was coming close to starting I was so excited to not have to get up and leave the house first thing in the morning. I was excited to have more time with Brodyn and Jase. But what was supposed to be a break for all of us has turned into a much busier weekly schedule for all three of us. Therapy starts at 8am every morning except Tuesdays which I requested to not have any therapies then so that we could get out and do things that are normally only durning the mornings. Once therapies start it usually goes until 3-5:30pm, as well as Jase having speech twice a week an hour at a time.

So here we are running all over the place feeling rushed and overwhelmed, when I stop to think should I change somethings. It came to me yesterday when we arrived to Brodyn’s 3rd therapy of the day which is in clinic and it’s OT, and he wouldn’t do anything but try and leave. I have pondered for awhile about his schedule and what is the best thing for him and finally decided to take a break from OT for the summer. Although I do OT exercises and games at home with both boys it’s been great learning and educating myself in what to do to best help my kids.

But with Autism it can be a constant struggle of guilt and worry. And yes I know that ALL parents worry they are messing up their kids or not doing things right. But it’s different when literally your child talking or never talking can be from you not getting them the help they need. Or you overload your child and then they act out in aggression or other bad behaviors.

All I am trying to do is do the best I can for my boys and I think that God has pointed me in the way of taking a breather and focusing on therapies as well as family outings and play. Everyday is a chance to learn another thing for my boys and with God leading the way I know we can’t lose.

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