A quick solution to almost everything!

I’m sure everyone has used duct tape at some point in their lives to fix something that broke or to temporarily fix something, but what about snaps? I bought a snap gun a couple years ago to make myself rolls of reusable hand towels and have found it to come in handy so many times since.

Originally I bought the cheaper gun they had on amazon for around $7 which came with some snaps and then I ordered 100’s of more for a few dollars more. I wanted to cut down on our families use of all things paper and plastic and when I looked online for rolls of reusable they were $20+ a roll. I wanted to go greener but that was way too much for something that wipes up junk. So I made them myself.

Well that was about two years ago and I have used that $7 snap gun on so many things that it has become my new duct tape. (And it’s cheaper too) I have used it for clothes, therapy toys, added storage solutions and so much more.

Recently we have had the problem of it being way too light outside for the kids to understand it’s bedtime and calm down. We have blinds and curtains on every window in the house except the glass door that leads outside. We had those flimsy blinds on the door when we first moved into the house and within about 30 mins they snapped a bunch of them trying to look through them. So since then we have only had a curtain on the back door that we pull up when it’s daytime.

They problem has been that it’s so bright here and without two sources to block the light it’s too bright. So I had thought about buying something to make it darker but let’s be honest I didn’t want to do that if I didn’t have to.

So I ended up looking through what we had and found I had another curtain just like the one that was already up. So I decided to add snaps to the top rim of it and add the two curtains together like a sandwich. So for a couple cents literally and a curtain I already had I solved my problem.

Snaps for the win again!!

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