Productive weekend

I know I already posted about our adventures of the bulk shopping at Costco but I wanted to write about the rest of our beautiful weekend. And this may start to be all over the place but our weekend was something I truly needed to set me back on the right path.

You see my husband and I both agreed to hold off traveling this summer and focus on hitting therapies, family outings, and the dreadful diet change hard so that we could really push and try everything we can to help our son talk. Now this may seem easy to some but it’s not. If fact it’s one of the toughest things we have had to do. It’s not that we need to travel or do things, it’s that we have one son with Autism and over 35 hours a week of different therapies and we have one son who doesn’t have Autism but has a speech delay and has two hours a week of speech. So literally all week every week is trying to make sure I plan it all out so that our boys get fun and the help they need.

Parenting with special needs is a constant battle of guilt, depression, worry, and then the pure happiness from the innocence of your children being happy. So we do the best we can at making the tough choices with the information we are given and the research we do. And at the end of the day there will always be someone telling us we are wrong or that we should let kids be kids, but we fight back the want to punch the person or tell them off and we move forward.

So now that gets me to our weekend, which was full of family time, laughter, and new adventures. We decided to try out a new park near by that was amazing. I mean the kind of amazing that has your kids lighting up with joy. Playing there and having a blast with our children reassured me that even though the weeks are crazy and full of stress, the weekends can always be fun even with the littlest thing.

After the park we took the kids to Bass Pro before going out to a new lunch place. While at Bass Pro we bought an automatic bubble gun because my children are obsessed with bubbles. I mean so bad that I constantly feel like I am going to pass out from the lack of oxygen while blowing bubbles. We also picked up one of those pop guns that are wood and you pull it back and forth to plug and unplug the cork to make the popping sound. What happened is I wanted to buy two bubble guns and my husband said one would be enough, but I felt the mom guilt of buying one thing and not two. (Yes I know it’s crazy) So we were looking around for another reasonable toy when I saw the guns and thought that it would be cool but doubting that our boys would be interested.

But I picked one up and starting pulling and pushing to make the pop sound and my oldest Brodyn lit up with the biggest smile. It instantly melted my heart and assured me that was he other toy to buy. As I bent down to put his hands on each side of the gun and put my hands over his to make he movements, he started laughing and smiling in the way he does when he is in shear delight. I sat there doing it over and over and knew that these were the small things that he would remember. Not the hours and hours of therapy, but the fact that his mother and father always did everything they could to make things fun.

And that is why we do the things we do. That is why my husband works full time to provide for us as well as goes to school online to finish his bachelors. And why I put off my career to stay at home with my boys to do everything I can to help them grow and succeed.

This weekend was everything and then some and I look forward to the next one. It maybe only Monday but I can already plan our next adventures.

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