Costco…big hit or big miss?

This weekend was wonderful. After a strikeout playing bingo Friday night with a friend I needed to feel a win so when I saw on Groupon that there was a deal for a Costco membership I thought that it was just the thing that would feel like I was “winning”by savings some big bucks. The deal was even better when I used my ebates to click into Groupon which gave me 6% back in top of my already good deal. So I jumped on it and bought the coupon online and printed it to take to the store and sign up.

Now I’m not new to bulk shopping by any means as we had a Sams Club membership while living in Denver many years ago as well as previous stops at Winco, but we had never had a Costco membership before. I always here my friends and family talk about all the things they buy at Costco so I was excited to get in on it and save big money on the things we needed. My family and I are all transitioning to a Gluten Free Casein free diet so the thought of being able to buy the new things we need in bulk and cheaper had me excited.

So I wrote out a simple list of things we needed like; milk, eggs, an air fryer, bread machine, the better chip, some almond flour, yellow peppers, and pickles. So we get to the store about 5 minutes before it opened and I was shocked. It literally looked like it was Black Friday out so I had to ask someone if this was normal or if there was a huge sale and it was just normal. Which was a bummer because I was thinking we went at the perfect time.

But there we were trying to find things on our list and we only found the eggs, milk, flour, and a few snacks not on the list. I was super shocked that I couldn’t find my pickles or yellow peppers which are my favorite. So my husband had a great idea that we take the boys home for naptime and then after they wake we go to the bigger Costco that’s about 30 minutes away. And so we spent our Saturday going to two Costco which neither had the major things I wanted, but we did score a really nice kids table for a great price.

I guess I was just bummed that it didn’t end of being what I thought it ways going to be but found the gem in all of it with the awesome kids table. And to most kids it would just be a table but for our boys it’s a table, a fort, a climber and so much more. I must say that I don’t think I will be going to Costco all the time like most people I know, but I’m sure my husband will be pulling me back there for the hotdogs before I’m ready.

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