Savin money and finding deals

Okay so as the name goes I love to find the best deals for my family. That includes groceries, toys, furniture, clothes ect. So here are my tips to saving money for your family and even making a little on the side.

There are two different apps I use to “make money” for my family. I quote that because it is literally true that to make money you have to spend money lol. But I’m this case the money spent is already money you would be spending. I’m sure most all of you know about the apps I am going to list but I am going to put the links so that if you haven’t you can sign up and get cash back from using the links.

First there is Ebates which I started using about 4 years ago. This is super easy. If you plan on shopping online just open up your ebates app on the phone, table, or computer and search for the store and then click it. Once you do this you will see the percentage of cash back as well as any coupon offers. After you shop qualifying items you will get your cash back. Very 3 months they will send you your big fat check. Is right? Follow the link below to start saving money.

Next there is Ibotta. This one is as easy as downloading the app to your phone and then you can do online shopping like ebates or you can shop in store. Once you get your receipt from the store you are shopping at you compare it to the offers. Click the items you bought and then scan a picture of your receipt. This one allows you to cash out after you get $20 and can PayPal or select gift cards you might want. I like to save all of my cash until Christmas time where I can then use the extra money for gift card gifts or presents. Comes in handy around the holidays.

Next thing I like to do is buy larger items second hand that I can make as projects or things for the kids. Examples like buying the side table and repurposing into a kids sensory table, or we had a brand new table but no chairs and I couldn’t find ones I liked for a good price. So I bought I used table and chair set that was solid wood and painted the chairs to match my decor. There is no point in spending a ton of money when your kiddos are little because you will either be upset when things get dirty or ruined or you will yell at your kids all day to stay away. Our house is a nice home that doesn’t look cheap or crappy, however it is a home that is lived in and the things in the home are just that, things. I want our kids to be able to play and grow without fear if an accident happens.

I also love to cruise places like the Dollar Store or Target dollar section to find things that can be used now or later for education and sensory play for the kids. As far as that goes I think I will have to do another post later because the ideas are endless.

And lastly but probably my most favorite is Amazon! I consistently look on Amazon for the deals as well as use the subscribe and save option for so many items. Subscribe and save is for prime members and is amazing. You can add any items from the list from diapers to cleaning to food and more. And the great thing is that it will be shipped to your door once a month or less whichever you chose. And you get an added discount for have five or more items a month. But most importantly you can add or delete items WHENEVER you want so it’s not something you have to get again if you don’t want to. So literally if you have somethings you want like bulk trash bags you add it to your list get the discount and then if you don’t want them again just remove them. I even use this to get the discount on items I know I will only want once.

I could talk for days about tips and tricks to save money but this will have to do for now. And if you have any questions let me know. I love healing people save money

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