Short and sweet!!

I’ve been asked why I chose the name “parentingonthecheap” for my blog and hashtags. Well to explain that will give you more insight to who I am.

When I started this journey I started just posting pictures on my private Facebook page of the things I made for my children. It was nice to show my family and friends updates of projects and getting feedback I felt proud to hear. As I got more and more requests from my sons therapists and friends to explain how I did things to help others do it as well, I figured I might as well start Instagram to allow people to see without being in my personal page.

So I started posting in both places allowing only friends and family on Facebook and opening up to everyone on instagram without putting personal details there. I was feeling a rush as I went from no followers to 25 in days lol but then it stopped. And I soon learned that to get your page out there you have to use hashtags. It goes without saying that I know very little about social media platforms so I was lost. However I wanted something that was mine and different so I started typing in random parenting hashtags and kept seeing that there was already some in use. As I messed around I found that parentingonthecheap wasn’t used and I could make it mine.

And that is when I started using it. I became famous almost over night with 52 followers and decided it was fate to use it for my blog as well. Haha but although it’s a title for one group of conversations I want my blog to be a combination of all things in my life. So I will post different day by day and hope everyone enjoys.

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