DIY Custom wreath on the Cheap…

I am the type of person that has a very busy and stressful life. My mind and body never get a break from the constant chaos and worrying. But I have learned to make time for me and I do it by crafting or making things for my family. As a true crafter I often cruise the clearance sections of my favorite stores and buy whatever is super cheap and then worry about what to do with it later. I’m going to show you how to make a wreath that can be made into whatever you want for around $10.Supplies:Pool noodle, duct tape, scissors, card stock (you could use silk flowers or burlap etc ) hot glue gun, and twineI started with a pool noodle that was less than $1 to make as my ring. The foam ones that were the same size were about $10 so this was a huge savings. I then made a circle and duct taped it really good. This is important to make sure it holds. You want to tape it good without making it to thick to where you can see the difference.I then started to wrap the twine around the noodle by squirting a little bit of hot glue in a line and then wrapping it around about five times and then doing more glue ect. I suggest using the hot glue because it dries right away,however, only use a little at a time because it will get hard and won’t stick.These are just examples of what I could have used in my craft supplies. I instead went with homemade card stock flowers for the colors I wanted and then added a deer piece I’ve had for years.To make the flowers I cut out different color and sized circles and then cut them into a spiral leaving a small circle at the end to hold the glue. From there you spiral it up tight and then let it go to create the petal look. When you are done making it into the size and shape you want put a little hot glue on the small circle and glue the center down. From there just make as many as you want and get creative.Once you are done you can arrange them how you want on your wreath and enjoy your master piece. 😁

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