Pinching pennys and saving it all for love….

If you are like me then you like a good deal! You like the high of saving money whenever you can. Whether you are using coupons, cancelling cable, or finding every way you can to fix and make things yourself, you are making a difference in your families finances.

I never dreamed I would be a SAHM! Actually growing up my dreams were to work lots of hours doing a high paced corporate job while living in a nice apartment in New York. But when I met my husband and we moved to Germany shortly after getting married my dreams were put on hold. When we moved I had to quit working and we spent the first months traveling over in Europe. At that point we decided that I would just stay home to have the flexibility to be off when my husband was. I figured I would enjoy traveling for 4 years and then come back to the states and pick back up.

Funny how life goes when you try and plan sometimes. We became pregnant twice over there back to back. My boys are 16 months apart and they keep me so busy. Once I became a mom I knew I wanted to stay home with them until they were big in school so that I could raise them. But now that we know about my oldest having Autism the more likely approach will be to stay home no matter their age to be able to handle all the therapies and appointments.

But being a family of 4 on one income isn’t always the easiest. There are times my husband and myself “go without” what we might want so we can do for our kids. And I quote “go without” because it’s not like we NEED the stuff we might want, and we are really good at at least buying new socks and undies and wrapping them up so it feels like gifts haha. Ok so that might be a stretch.

But I have found many ways to make, build, and even repurpose things to provide my kids with the sensory and educational things they need to grow and learn. And it is my goal for this blog to show others ways they too can save money, craft, have fun, and just notice the things that they have to work with and not always just buy.

These are just a few things I have done and can tell people how to do them too if wanted.

Felt story/play board

Mermaid sensory board

Wall art easel

Removable bin sensory table

Busy/activity board

And some color matching felt games

If you ever have any questions please feel free to message me

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