I know I know…

Okay so since I am trying to link all my internet based social media or work accounts I figured I would write this post. (don’t worry I don’t have much on the internet)

I know this days its typical for any SAHM(or dad) to have some kind of side job to bring in a few bucks to help support their Amazon addiction, and I am no different besides the fact that I joined the company Plexus for my family and myself and not so much for the lets make it rain aspect. I joined Plexus for the discount if we are being honest and figured after I tried the products I would quit in a couple months figuring that like all other at home business products I would probably hate this one as well.

But what I found instead was a company that I fell in love with, from well lets say I fell in love after the first three weeks. Those first few weeks I will admit I wasn’t feeling the best because my body was busy spending that time haling itself from all the junk and toxins I had put in my body. At one point I contacted my upline who introduced me to the products and asked her if this was normal or if I was having a bad reaction. she insured me that I didn’t get unhealthy over night so I wouldn’t get healthy over night.(makes sense huh?) well she asked me to stick it out at least 60 days to fully let my body heal and work on my health, so I did just that.

After sticking it out I am so pleased to say that I was able to get off medication for migraines that I had been on for the better part of 15 years, as well as quit all soda from day 2 on. I have ENERGY! like real energy that doesn’t come in spikes along with coffee or soda. And let me tell you as a special needs mother of a 2 and 3 year old I don’t get much sleep most nights and I still wake up start my daily routine and find myself making it through the whole day without complaining I’m tired.

Now obviously I am not a medical professional and can only speak on my experience but I was in love with it so much that I asked my husband to go on it with me. I wanted see if it was all in my head because I wanted it to work so bad or if he would see results as well. He has only been on it a few weeks so he is coming out of his foggy stage and is starting to see the benefits as well. Of course him being a man and the way it always works he has already seen more of a difference on the scale than I have, but overall health is what we are both striving for and achieving.

This is not some quick fix to lose weight fast, but instead a lifestyle change to allow your body to heal from the insides and make yourself an overall healthier person. So if you have the want or need to get healthier, or you have digestive problems, or maybe you just want to lose some weight and have more energy, I HIGHLY recommend you taking the time to look over all this company has to offer and if you have any questions about what would be best for your needs please feel free to ask.


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